Primavera P6 Database Tool

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) or P6 is very popular in Construction, Engineer, Oil and Gas, and Utility industry. Primavera Database Utility requires of Windows XP or later operating system to run. It offers the following tasks for project planners and schedulers:
  • Backup and restoer Primavera P6 backend databases.
  • Mass import and export projects, and keep EPS/WBS hierarchy.
  • Migrate your projects from one database to another database regardless of the database versions or vendors.
  • Copy projects from Primavera lower version (P6.2 ) to higher version (v7.0 or R8.3) vice versa.
  • Copy Project Codes, Activity Codes, Resource Codes, UDFs, Cost Accounts, Roles, Resources, or Resource curves from one database to another database regardless Primavera version .
  • Import or export EPS, OBS, WBS, Project Codes, Activity Codes, Resource Code, Roles, and keep the their hierarchy
  • Fixed user login errors.
  • Fixed notorious Primavera Event Codes errors.
  • Fixed Bad Pubuser Name or Password error, or bad Privuser Name or Password error.
  • Set Primavera audit properites.
  • Check and clean up duplicated activity codes
  • Fix Update Baselines or Claim Digger running errors
  • Fix this common error: Primavera Background Jobs not running, and you can run this tool in Windows Task Scheduler to fix this background job issue permanently
  • Fix two default calendars which cause Web Access login failure.
  • Fix duplicated users.

Bellow is the proudct screen shot.

RMPOS screen shot

Migrate P6 projects

Product Feedback

Mar 3rd 2016, by Doug galt
Logic pull down screen
Unable to view the predecessor pop-up menu when I select assign button.
Feb 18th 2019, by Fayis Rahim
How can i get full version
How can i get the licence of primevera db tool.

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