RMPOS Restaurant Management POS

This is a point of sales (POS) for restaurant business. It requires Windows XP or later operating system to run. The features inlcude following:
  • Support online orders and online orders being showed in the POS instantly.
  • Able to send orders to printers in multiple locations (kitchen, bar, bakery) and, support any brands of receipt printers .
  • Intuitive user interface, easy to use and understand without training.
  • Include Dine in, Takeout, and Delivery functions in separated interfaces.
  • Network based design, support multiple users and computers. Table status will be refreshed automatically and instantly.
  • Bilingual support and it is good for restaurants required two languages being displayed in parallel.
  • Customizable report and receipt printing, and support PDF format export.
  • Offer report filters for easily getting category or specific menu based sale reports; managers are able to know which the best-selling is for the day, week, quarter or year.
  • Easy split bills for share table, or merge tables for one bill.
  • Roles based user management; user with low permissions cannot see or change sensitive data.
  • Able to integrate with your online orders, and for multiple restaurant locations, data can be replicated to a center location so that management can see each location’s order status instantly and remotely.
  • Simple design for owner to maintain categories, menus, tax rates, and sales.
  • Separated button to open cash drawer.
  • Large button design for better support touch screen.
  • Easy to set up item combo, and item options.

Bellow is the proudct screen shot.
RMPOS screen shot

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