VAPortal Application Web Publisher

Cloud computing is hot now, and a lot of companies want to put their apps on the cloud for remote access. VAPortal offers you a flatform to publish your Windows Applications on the web for remote access, it is alternative to Citrix. It's based on Microsoft Terminal Services. Server requirements:
  • Windows Server 2003 or newer version of Windows Server.
  • Install Internet Information Server (IIS) and enable ASP.NET 2.0.
  • Install Microsoft Terminal Services on the server for application publishing.
  • Set up a a service account in your domain and this account should has the permissions to read/write Windows Registry and Active Directory (AD).
  • Open the port 3389 for terminal services, unless you have TS gateway.
The features include:
  • All functions exist in Citrix.
  • Pure web based application.
  • Online PDF creation.
  • Search corporate contacts in Active Directory, you can search by:
    a). First name, last name, or full name
    b). Department
    c). manager
    d). Organization unit (OU)
    e). Job title
    f). City.
    g). Account status (Enable/disable).
    h). Lock/unlock accounts, expired accounts, password expired account.
  • You can print/export the LDAP search results.
  • Extract full color icons from application online.
  • System Administrators can use VAPortal to create accounts, disable/enable accounts, create OU, move accounts from one OU to another, etc.
  • Tell you who is on the server, and able to send messages to online users, or log off/disconnect users immediately
  • View usage report and application log.
  • Regular users can change their profile or password online without the help of IT administrators..
  • Provide Bulletins for company to publish notices or events.
  • Based on Active Directory (AD) or LDAP and support single sign on solutions.
  • Detect corporate domains automatically, including trusted domains.
To see the VAPortal demo, click this URL:

Bellow is the proudct screen shot.
VAPortal screen shot

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